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By now, many clients know of my new certification. However, what probably isn’t clear, is what this means for you

As a Certified Hair Loss Practitioner, I’ll be focusing not only on traditional cosmetology services but also customizable treatment plans for those of you living with various types of hair loss. It is important to understand your options and the solutions available. 

Many clients show no immediate signs of hair loss and therefore it's appropriate to focus on a preventive hair care regimen.  In this case, you will have the opportunity to learn about new products that may apply to your hair care routine. What separates these products from your other products? You’ll notice an emphasis on the ingredients. We’ll go over what these ingredients mean for your overall hair and scalp health plus the potential benefits. However, it is important to understand that results do vary. 


There are many different factors that can cause hair loss, especially women who commonly wear their hair in styles, requiring tension or tight braiding.  Even when done properly, weaves, wigs, extensions and braids do have the potential to cause hair loss or Traction Alopecia. With proper care, and a preventative approach- this type of hair loss can be avoided. 

Common causes of hair loss include the following: 

  1. Genetics
  2. Stress and anxiety
  3. Scalp disorders 
  4. Hormonal issues
  5. Medical and overall health
  6. Improper styling (traction)
  7. Connective Tissue disease
  8. Auto Immune Diseases

New services offered will include treatment plans that help to address these issues and in many cases, correct some of the issues. Preventative hair care solutions and services will also be made available.

Stay tuned because there’s so much more to learn with this integrative approach. Having healthy hair isn’t just about what you put on it topically but rather it is a lifestyle and can require a total lifestyle makeover. 

Never hesitate to email me at if you feel you need this treatment or book right here on the site!

Note: I am not a doctor nor do I claim to be one. I can identify what I believe to be the problem and recommend a treatment plan based on that. 

Have Confidence As Big As The Volume Of Your Hair

Photo by Brian Fraser on Unsplash

Photo by Brian Fraser on Unsplash

Feeling comfortable in your own skin and hair is a notion some black women and non-black women of color struggle with. But after centuries of Eurocentric beauty standards that spread its reach into the far corners of every society, more and more black women are embracing their natural beauty.

Remember to stay positive throughout the process. Your hair journey is important!

Remember to stay positive throughout the process. Your hair journey is important!

Many women have become fed up constantly relaxing their hair, putting extreme heat on it to fit the standard of beauty that dominates our culture. Transitioning from chemically treated or relaxed hair to all-natural hair is a process but many who make this change find it so rewarding.

Paris Miles, owner and master stylist of Salon One By Paris, has made it her mission to help women feel beautiful every day with the hair they have. As a hair professional that does predominantly natural hair and protective styles, she has some tips for women who want to start transitioning to a more natural hairstyle:

  1. Finding the right product for your hair is a process. Don’t be fooled with the fancy advertisements because everything will not work on everyone.
  2. The process of finding the right product can be somewhat of a trial and error and can get costly. However, it can be a lot less expensive if you consult with a hair professional who is experienced in caring for natural hair.
  3. The big chop is liberating but it isn’t necessary. Protective styles and various sets can help aid with the transition process.
  4. Moisture is a key component when transitioning to an-all natural state. Always, always, always keep your hair moisturized. 
  5. Choose products that absorb into the hair strands and improve the elasticity.
  6. Heavy oils are a NO, unless otherwise using them as sealants and be sure to use them after moisturizing. Only apply oil to your hair when it's dry (oil and water don’t mix). 
  7. Keeping your ends clipped is still a must. However, depending on the condition of your hair, some women can go longer than others. Paris typically trims it every eight weeks if needed.
  8. Improve your diet and take a multivitamin. Drink a lot of water for faster absorbency of the nutrients. Yes, this matters, not just for your hair but for your overall health. Your hair is just an export for all the things you put in your body.
  9. Foods rich in iron, protein and Omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids are always good!
  10. Hair supplements containing Biotin & Collagen are great as well. Remember to drink plenty of water when taking hair supplements. They work better & reduce the chance of breakouts.
  11. Try to avoid lots of heat. It can compromise your curl pattern. If you go to the salon for flat ironing or silk press services, don’t touch up in between. Just style it differently. Get creative!

Worried about how to style natural hair? Utilize your hair stylist, Pinterest, Instagram, your friends to get creative with your hair! Don't think of it as a future hassle but as an adventure or an exploration, a big step in your hair journey. Don't settle to look like someone else, find what works for you and your hair.


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